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Funding Request Data Retrieval Tool
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Step 1. Please Enter the Search Criteria

To obtain funding request data, you must select the funding year and at least one of the following: state, Billed Entity Number (BEN) or Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN). You can click the "Select Standard Report" button below to retrieve a standardized report, or you can enter additional criteria to narrow your search and then click the "Select Data Points" button to choose the specific data that will be displayed in your search results. You can find additional assistance on the Data Retrieval Instructions page.

I. Required Criteria

Funding Year:
Please enter one or more of the following:
SPIN (Go to SPIN Search):

Please select at least one Funding Request Number (FRN) Service Type and one type of
FCC Form 471 Application. (The default is that ALL are selected):

FRN Service Type Type of FCC Form 471 Application

II. Optional Criteria

FCC Form 471 Application Number
Wave Number Examples: 001, 002, 15A, 15B, etc.
Appeal Wave Number Examples: A01, A02, etc.

Please select the desired report format:

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